Nu-Eco Locator

GPS location of assets anywhere in the world.


It doesn’t happen often, but when you need to locate a truck or trailer, you can rely on Nu-Eco Locator.

  • Locate trucks, trailers or equipment fast.
  • Easy-to-use customer account interface allows you to locate any Nu-Eco Locator equipped piece of machinery with a single mouse-click.   It’s as simple as sending an email – point-and-click responder command buttons located next to every unit in your inventory – click LOCATE, and within seconds receive pin-point coordinates.

Our GPRS relay units send back exact longitude/latitude co-ordinates that interface instantly and seamlessly with mapping programs like Google Maps.   You can pull them up on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

  • Geo-fence your equipment to receive an alert if it’s moved without your knowledge.
  • Nu-Eco Locator can set up geo-fencing with a single click, giving you peace of mind knowing that if any of your equipment is moved without authorization, you’ll receive notice that it’s being moved, and you can take appropriate action.

Nu-Eco Locator units are wired directly into trailer lighting.

Stand-by battery life up to 14 days*

Waterproof, dust-proof housing mounts easily to trailers and equipment of all types.

Extended life batteries are available, and can provide up to two-years of GPS access without charging.  Ask us about which unit might be best for your application.

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Easy.  Fast.  Affordable.

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