Nu-Eco Manager

Administration made Simple!

  • No more lost or missing paperwork!
  • Electronically dispatch new jobs – receive instant confirmation on pick-up or delivery
  • Two-way written communication with drivers.  Records kept in the system linked to driver/customer
  • Better manage personnel when you know exactly what will be arriving to off-load
Stop drowning in paperwork!

Stop drowning in paperwork!

Fleet management from your desktop.

One integrated suite – not a jumble of modules and linked-together programs.

Paperless dispatch including signature capture and time/date stamp.

  • Know exactly where any load is at any time – get progress reports – update driver instructions – dispatch additional pickups…. All in real time.
  • Receive updates and completion notices – including signatures – electronically.
  • Less paperwork and faster processing because data is easily imported into your favorite bookkeeping program such as Simply Accounting.

Why Nu-Eco?

Vast Experience

Profiles and Favourites – details can be retrieved with the touch of a button.

Auto confirmations –  automatically send email confirmations to clients.  Notify receivers in advance.

Get rid of the paper. Get rid of the hassle.

Get rid of the paper. Get rid of the hassle.

Dispatch/Control Screen – designed to provide the broadest number of options for display and reporting.

Mobile Data Solutions –  send jobs and updates straight to your drivers. Capture signatures in the field.

Helping Lost Drivers –  give drivers complete knowledge of the pickup and delivery address, contact details, special instructions and anything else you deem important.  Web interface connects to live mapping.

Invoicing – run customer invoices and BOLs from the system or export data directly into your bookkeeping software.

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Paperless.  Painless.  Perfect.

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